Destroy the cell!
~ Announcer in Gradius V

The Huge Heart (ヒュージハート?) is the boss of Stage 4 in Gradius V.


It is the only organic boss in the game. The Huge Heart itself does not attack; the body around it uses defense mechanisms.

Attack patterns

The tubes on the top and bottom of the Huge Heart are the source of its attacks. The Huge Heart can attack by releasing rotating bone pillars that fire lightning bolts from the sides, releasing huge tusks at the player's ship (like the Sharp Cross "teeth" from the first stage of Salamander), releasing a flaming snake-like creature, shooting large lasers from several eyes, and creating small volcano like openings that spew green mucus.

The Huge Heart is protected by a force field with a weak spot that circles around it that must be destroyed in order for the Vic Viper to shoot the heart itself. The force field regenerates after several seconds.



  • The Huge Heart has probably the most gruesome death sequence of all the bosses in Gradius so far. It begins pulsating rapidly while streams of green blood gush out of it in five sections. It then proceeds to explode violently.
  • The Huge Heart shares some similarities to Gomeramos King, a recurrent boss from the Contra series, also by Konami. Both are gigantic hearts that presumably feed the organic environment where they're encountered in, and both don't attack directly, but instead rely on organic peripherals to attack the player and defend themselves.
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