High Speed Zone is the seventh stage in the SNES port of Gradius III.


Unlike its similar counterpart in the arcade version of Gradius III, this stage plays in the traditional side-scrolling view rather than in a pseudo-3D environment. The player must navigate through a maze-like hi-tech complex at extreme speed while dodging enemies, walls and projectiles.


Use the first few enemies that drop power-ups to gain Speed bonuses to help survive this level.

When an opening/closing gate requires precise timing to get through, take the risk and don't wait for them, or you could end up getting trapped between the closed gate and the oncoming left end of the screen.

Firepower isn't much of an issue here; however, an Option or two and Missiles can help a lot, as they can take out enemies along surfaces and through walls. Likewise, the normal Laser is also very useful in this stage, as it can go straight through the narrow corridors that mainly conform this level and take out entire rows of turrets affixed to the floors and ceilings, which is the formation in which they're most commonly encountered. Nevertheless, it's always a good idea trying to reach the end of the level with decent enough weaponry, as there's still a boss to be fought.




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Theme of High Speed Zone - Accident Road.
Accident Road
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