I hope you can entertain me!
~ Gunner Wall

Gunner Wall (ガンナーウォール Gan'nā Uōru?) is the second boss of the final stage in Gradius Gaiden. It is fought just before the Heavy Ducker.


Gunner Wall is a gunwall and it is an upgraded version of Demos from Gradius II. Like its predecessor, it has only one giant core, but this version is only protected by four barriers, instead of seven for the Demos. Gunner Wall also reappears as a boss in Otomedius Excellent.

Attack patterns

The Gunner Wall attacks with its multiple lasers and will send out drones to attack the player. After a while, it will charge forward and fire a small wave of lasers straightforward to trap the player's ship until it moves back and repeats the cycle all over again.



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