Green Inferno is the sixth stage in Gradius Gaiden.


This is a pretty straightforward level; just navigate through the maze of plants. The choking vines can be eliminated by shooting the large bulb of a root they have. The pumpkin-looking creatures that occasionally appear behind you release small grey homing shots when destroyed. After taking enough hits, the yellow "walls" separate into two tentacles. The narrow blue plants start swinging when shot; better to just avoid them altogether.

Pass quickly by the large blue roots at the end, as they will very quickly close off the passage. As you enter the last stretch of the level, note the medium-sized ship that appears. If you can't shoot it down, get rid of its projectiles, as they quickly sprout into vines when they contact either the floor or ceiling. Get rid of the Walkers if possible, or ride underneath them if not. Finally, you'll have three bosses in a row to deal with. Hunter Fang, Stinger Kid and Giga's Rose.





Description Audio
Theme of Air Battle #1 - Sky 1.
Theme of Air Battle #2 - Sky 2.
Theme of Green Inferno - Plant.
Theme of Gradius Gaiden boss - Stage boss
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