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Gradius ReBirth (グラディウス リバース Guradiusu Ribāsu?) is a side scrolling shoot-'em-up video game for the WiiWare developed by M2 and published by Konami. It is the latest installment in the Gradius series and was released in Japan on September 2, 2008 and March 9, 2009 in North America.


Gradius ReBirth is a side-scrolling 2D shooter much like previous Gradius games, and has been described as a "remix" of levels from past games rather than an entirely new game, heavily referencing the MSX series of games. The game features two modes: a standard game with unlimited credits and a Score Attack mode where players are only given a single credit to beat the game. Score Attack also supports online leaderboards. The game features 5 different types of ships to choose from, and five stages in total, with each (except the first stage) having its own original boss at the end.

Graphically, Gradius ReBirth follows the style of Gradius Gaiden. The sprite for the Vic Viper has been slightly changed along with the graphics for the Big Core boss. The Power Meter and text display have also been updated. The music is composed of remixed musics from previous Gradius games.


Vic Viper Rebirth.gif

This game takes place in the Gradian Year 6664, two years before "The Silent Nightmare Incident". The planet Antichthon, a protectorate of the Gradian Empire, suddenly and mysteriously falls silent. A report was made by the Director General of the Space Science Agency, Dr. Venom, which mentions that Antichthon's mother computer was now under the control of the Bacterians.

Realizing that a threat from the Bacterians may be imminent, the Gradian Government deploys its Gradian forces to combat the threat. Among them is Special Colonel James Burton, who had defeated the Bacterians a few years ago. Armed with an A.I. program called Gaudie, James Burton sets out in the hyperspace fighter known as the Vic Viper, in the hopes that he can combat the new Bacterian threat. But little does James know that there's much more in store for him...


Stage Name Mid-Boss Boss Music
1 Volcano Volcano
Iron Maiden
Big Core Duo Heavy Blow
Aircraft Carrier
Last Evil
2 Cell Zub Rush Crawler X Moonspin
Aircraft Carrier
A Fighter
3 Moai Moai Moai Orb The Ruins
Aircraft Carrier
Last Evil
4 Wasteland Re-Bone Big Core Duo Something Ghostly
Aircraft Carrier
Last Evil
A Fighter
5 Antichthon Electronic Cage MK2 Enigma
Mother Computer
The Position Light
A Journey to the Start
Cosmic Heroes
A Fighter
Departure Again
Last Evil


* - Unused tracks found on the Official Soundtrack. - Added by game update. These pieces of music were not originally in the game on launch.

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