I am strong!
~ Golgotha Takobee

Golgotha Takobee (ゴルゴダ・タコベエ Gorugoda Takobee?) is the final boss in Parodius Da!.


Golgotha Takobee is the father of Tako, and the force behind all the bad guys attacking Earth in the game. According to the game's plot, his mere presence is causing people on Earth to lose their hopes and dreams and idle away at futile activities.

He is a parody of the Xaerous Brain, and much like it he doesn't have any attacks at all. He can be defeated by shooting his tentacles holding the ceiling and floor, which causes his fortress to self-destruct much like his inspiration.



  • He could be looked at as the devil in the Parodius universe since, as stated above, he is "the root of all evil".
  • If you wait long enough he will just die. this is a common thing with the Gradius bosses.
  • His name translated English is "God Octopus"
  • His one line: "I am strong" is a little ironic.
  • His voice is higher in pitch in the SNES version.
  • In the Game Boy version after going through the closing gate you have to go through a long corridor while in the arcade and SNES versions he is right on the other side.
  • Also in the Game Boy version he is far enough to the end of the screen where you can't go behind him.
  • Unlike the Xaerous Brain he has 8 tentacles instead of 6.
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