Munin (L.B. Gofer) and Hugin (R.B. Gofer) (ゴーファー姉妹 (R.B.ゴーファー、L.B.ゴーファー) R.B.Gofa, L.B.Gofa) (simply known as The Gofer Sister) are the major antagonists of Otomedius series and make two appearances as the boss of stage 2 and the last stage. In stage 2, they pilot Riding Cores which will attack you one-on-one and when damaged enough will call out and attach to a mechanical Golem known as Eyegol. At the last stage, they pilot Odin Core, the final boss of the boss rush.

In Otomedius Excellent, the duo make their comeback appearance in stage 2 as the pilot of Tetran, attacking the pilot in the middle of the city by going first through a tunnel, and then speeding down a street, crashing through an open building before speeding away again, taunting the pilot in their wake.

The Gofer Sisters voiced by Sumi Shimamoto


Judging by the game's ingame scripts and illustration data, it seems like the Gofer sisters are actually the phantom of Gofer himself divided into two pieces - L.B. for Left Brain and R.B. for Right Brain.

In the development stage of the game, there was some voice clips that the sisters calling Gofer as their father, but they are gone in the final version of the game.

Vital Statics

  • Age: Appear 15, actual age is several hundred years.
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 145 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg



  • This is the first Otomedius boss character to have a Bacterian descendant.
  • This is Sumi Shimamoto's third character voice in Otomedius series, proceeded by Operetta and Irene La Tias.
  • Gofer Sister's Riding Core observe into a cyborg brain and their several attacks are similar to other Core warship's attack as well as the BIg Core Mk.III attack, especially their Odin Core's attack.
  • In Norse mythology, Hugin and Munin are the servants of Odin. They live in Valhalla.
  • In Excellent, the sisters piloted Tetran and supply most of the hazards for the Stage 2, but aren't a boss and cannot be defeated. They just run off before the real boss arrives.
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