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Not to be confused with Gofer Ship.

Gofer Ship Interior is the eight and final stage in the arcade version of Gradius II.


The player enters the enemy's ship and he is faced with couple of narrow paths and plenty of enemies to fight at once. He will soon face the Demos gunwall. Another section with couple of enemies and he faces the Crab walker. The background will then change from the mechanical design to something more organic, this is the lair where Gofer awaits the player.




Description Audio
Theme of Air Battle #2 - A Shooting Star.
Theme of Gofer Ship Interior #1 - Into Hostile Ship
Theme of Gofer Ship Interior Boss Fight - Shoot and Shoot
Theme of Gofer Ship Interior #2 - The Final Enemy
Theme of Boss and Final fight - Take Care.
Theme of Gradius II Ending - Farewell.
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