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I am the strongest!
I am just a small portion of the Empire Bacterian!
~ Gofer's last words in Gradius II

Gofer (ゴーファー Gōfā?) is the primary antagonist and final boss of Gradius II. He also appeared in Nemesis 3 as the last boss of the game. In Gradius IV, a seed of Gofer destroyed in Gradius II grew up and lead to his revival, making him the game's final boss again.

In Gradius IV

When Gofer was destroyed in Gradius II, a piece of him landed on a distant planet and then mutated into a large battleship similar to the Xaerous Fortress from Gradius. It then changed its form into his new form shown in Gradius IV. He claims that every piece of him spread across the universe will be reborn as copy of himself when he is destroyed again.

Attack patterns

In Gradius II Arcade and Gradius IV, Gofer does nothing, but in Gradius II NES and Nemesis 3, he can spew energy balls (which can be destroyed) or lightning bolts from his mouth.

In all games (except for the NES version) it is destroyed by shooting the tissues above him (a bit similar to the Xaerous Brain). In the NES version, the tissues are part of the background and are indestructible, in this case, Gofer needs to be shot in the eye/mouth.


Gofer appear in the third and final episode of the Salamander anime series. Here, Gofer is a gigantic construct of flesh created by Paula, though since he was still incomplete he appears in a demented state. Paula kidnaps Stephanie intending to turn her into a Cyber Brain and fuse it with Gofer, so that he would become the Bacterian's ultimate weapon. After Dan and Lord British rescue Stephanie, Paula fuses herself with Gofer, as the two transform into the Phoenix.


Although Gofer may be a part of Bacterian, the Salamander anime implies that Gofer is an organic weapon made by Bacterian, which has the ability to grow up and change the whole universe into the reign of Bacterians, gathering the intelligence from other creatures. However, currently the anime trilogy is considered as non-canon in the Gradius saga.



  • His name was chosen in reference to a gofer, a term used to refer to a errand boy, to give the implication that Gofer was just a underling following someone else's orders. At the same time, the game's subtitle, "Gofer's Ambition", was chosen to imply him as having his own agenda.
  • Much like Xaerous Brain who had his own parody in the Parodius series, Gofer was also parodied as well.
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