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Genocide Core (ジェノサイドコア Jenosaido Koa?) is the final boss in Gradius NEO Imperial.


Genocide Core, just like Big Core MK II, has two cores and each core is protected by four barriers. Its armaments are somewhat similar to the Big Core Custom with missiles (both straight firing and semi-homing), homing spread missiles, and a powerful laser.

Attack patterns

Genocide Core will usually start out aggressive by closing its side doors and shooting off a quick blast from the middle laser. This is not as big as the Big Core Custom's laser, but it's just the right size to cause lots of damage. Next, it may fire four straight firing missiles followed by at least five semi-homing missiles. If it's not doing that, it will instead shoot small homing spread missiles. As the barriers are destroyed, it will shoot a spread of bullets at the Big Core Custom.

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