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Fortress Valis (要塞ヴァリス Yōsai Varisu?) is a boss in Salamander and Life Force.


Fortress Valis is the boss of stage 4 of Salamander and Life Force. It also appeared on stage 2 of the Famicom version. It was replaced by the Zelos Barrier in the ZX Spectrum version, and in the MSX version, it was the sub-boss of planet Eioneus. It is considered one of the more frustrating bosses in the games it appears in. Fortress Valis X, a Biomechanical mutant that guards the Liver Zone, is a different sprite of the central core.

Attack patterns

Fortress Valis has four enemy generators on the ground and six turrets. It also has three cores, and three barriers per core. However, that's not what makes this boss so frustrating. This boss fires Hazard Balls at the player, which bounce around the room until they hit you. This wouldn't be so bad if it stopped generating them after a while, but it doesn't. Even the best players sometimes end up dying here. This was somewhat remedied on the Famicom and MSX versions, where the Fortress Valis fires fewer Hazard Balls. However, after you destroy it, you have to fight Dead End in the MSX version, and Tetran in the Famicom version. The MSX version has four barriers per core, and it has higher health.


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