Formidable Guardians is the eighth stage in Gradius Gaiden.


This stage is a Boss Rush composed by six bosses (or seven if playing on a higher loop).

This level opens with swarms of red Zubs attacking (using the classic "Aircraft Carrier" theme). This is your last chance to power up before you face an onslaught of bosses. Note that if you die against any of the bosses, you'll still start with the Zub Rush again, but the boss you died on will appear next, skipping any bosses already defeated.



Description Audio
Theme of Formidable Guardians 1 - Zub Rush
Theme of Formidable Guardians 2 - Boss Rush Part 1
Theme of Formidable Guardians 3 - Boss Rush Part 2
Theme of Gradius Gaiden Boss - Stage Boss
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