Force Gear is a mini-game hidden in the original PC-Engine version of Tokimeki Memorial. It can be unlocked by joining the in-game Computer Club for three years. This game pays homage to the Gradius series.


Military weapons development on satellite orbit.

A new preliminary space fighter based on the Gradius army on the satellite was about to roll out. At the same time, on the satellite's orbit, a new Bacterian unit emerges and begins a silent Bacterian assault. Although they tried to fight for justice with the space fighter that was just released, it was not properly armed and the satellite fell into their hands.

The new space fighter that left the battlefield contacted the Gradius army, and in collaboration with the Gradius army, a strategy to recapture the weapon development satellite was put in motion...


Force Gear is a caravan-style game, with only a single stage and a time limit to complete it. The player controls the α-Gray, a space fighter/mech hybrid which is equipped with a option-like shield. There is a regular frontal shot and a secondary shot powered up by the Power Capsules which shots on all four diagonal directions. The shield is positioned on the opposite direction of the ship's movement, and if the player positions it on the front it will absorb the regular shots and launch a powerful beam.



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