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The Falchion β (ファルシオンβ Farushion β?) made its debut in Gradius Gaiden with Jade Knight. It's the fourth ship which is controlled by the player. It has purple steaks and a different shape than the others ships. This ship is known for its powerful weapons. This is the only space plane with swept forward wings. Its tail was attached on backwards.


Auto Aiming Rail Gun

  • Wingspan: 21.64m (80.00ft)
  • Height: 5.93m (19.5ft)
  • Crew: 1
  • Max Speed: 5.63c
  • Drive: M-88 Modified Annihilation Engine x1


Micro Black Hole Cannon

The Falchion has two way missile called a rolling missile, which tumbles to the ground where it splits and shoots both left and right. It also has a three-way limited range shot called Auto-Aiming, that fires a second shot within the angles of 0° to 180°. Its laser weapon is the gravity bullet, which is a newcomer to the Gradius series but is present in several earlier Parodius titles. It is based on the Spread Gun that is yielded by Pentaro in Parodius Da! and every title afterward. There is supposed to be a stronger version of the gravity bullet, known as the Graviton Beam, but this weapon was never implemented.

Weapons Set

Gradius Gaiden

  • S = Speed Up
  • M = Rolling Missile
  • D = Auto-Aiming
  • L = Gravity Bullet
  • O = Option
  • ? = Limit


  • There's a Konami 3D shoot'em up game called Falsion, released for Famicom Disk System in 1987. However, this game and the fighter with the same name is unrelated with Falchion Beta except for its name. Falsion takes place in totally different universe.
  • The Falchion Beta, and the other Gradius Gaiden ships, have a kind of hyper-driver system than allows them to travel faster than light for escape of the Black Hole in the Stage 7.
  • Falchion Beta's concept name was BridgetLance. There are minor changes between the concept and final sprite of the game.
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