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For the Gradius III enemy, see Enigma (enemy).

Enigma (エニグマ Eniguma?) is a boss in the MSX version of Salamander.


Enigma is a gunwall that first appeared in the MSX port of Salamander and reappeared in Gradius ReBirth. Enigma Mk. 2 is the upgrade version in Salamander 2, a.k.a Plate Core.

Attack patterns

Enigma attacks by firing bullets and tries to ram into the player. In Salamander MSX, you have to destroy the blue core in order to make the armor on the red core disappear so you can destroy both the red core and the central core. However, in Gradius ReBirth, In order to destroy the red core and the central core, you have to destroy all of the cores while avoiding the bullets and the ramming.


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