How dare you drive out Emon • 5 like that. You're going to pay of what you've done! Let's Go, Bisumaru Excellent!
~ Emon-8 in Otomedius Excellent

Emon • 8 (エモン • 8?) is an antagonist in Otomedius Excellent.


She is a DLC character in Otomedius Excellent as Extra 2nd Stage Boss. She's Emon • 5's ringleader since her partner goes missing in action and that because of the Space-Time Organization "G" takes place without the male squadron, so she takes revenge for the Angel Squadron to avenge Emon • 5. She's the pilot boss of Bisumaru Excellent. She is based of Yae from the Ganbare Goemon series.

Her Character Voice is Rumi Kasahara, she is also the original voice actress of Yae.

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