Now, let's go folks! Let's roll through the missions like we're crazy!
~ Emon-5

Emon • 5 (エモン • 5?) is one of the first characters presented in the original Otomedius, and the only male character of the game.


He's based on Goemon, the main character of the Ganbare Goemon series. He pilots the Xel Viper.

Emon • 5 was replaced by Arnval after he went kicked out. He also shares movesets with Arnval. However, his wingwoman, Emon • 8, refuses to take avenge with the G Organization due of his missing appearance in the sequel.

He was voiced by Daisuke Namikawa.

Initial weaponry


  • S = Speed
  • M = Flying Torpedo
  • O = Formation Option
  • D = Reverse
  • L = Twin Laser
  • ? = Force Field



  • Originally, Emon • 5 was to be in Otomedius Excellent, but was taken out due to collision detection issues.
  • Emon • 5's name specifically switch the "Go" into Five after his name taken in Japanese, originally named Goemon.
  • Emon's Xel Viper is based from Thunder Cross's M-45 fighter.
  • This is the first male Otomedius character that can only use as playable in the first game.
  • Emon's personality is same as the original Goemon, however he speaks too much taboo words in a despite language to the Angel Squadron when it comes of disappointing conversations.
  • Emon's DLC BGMs are based from the Thunder Cross series, such as "First Attack", "Great Battleship", "Aquarium" and "Skywalker".

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