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Oh, looks like you are surprised to see me.
~ Eliza in Otomedius G

Eliza (ライザ Raiza?) is the second boss in Gokujō Parodius! She attacks by shouting rows of the hiragana character for "Ho" (or words in the European version) or by creating a big splash that covers half the screen. The speed of her laughter varies on how many power-ups the player has. On harder difficulties, or when the player is mostly powered-up, Neil (the fish on her head) spews bubbles along with the tidal wave. Once she is defeated, she disappears and Neil falls.

In Otomedius

Eliza is a mermaid queen of an undersea kingdom in an alternate dimension. Her husband was killed in a fight with the G Organization fifteen years earlier. Still in mourning, she occasionally lends sea monsters to the Gofer Sisters, although she isn't actually a supporter of the Bacterians.

In Otomedius Gorgeous, she is the boss of San Salvador Island and taunts the player at first, although her pet seal is fought instead.


  • "Oh, looks like you are surprised to see me."
  • "Ohohohohohohohoho!"
  • "You can't proceed any further!"
  • "Spoiled kids must be punished!"
  • "It's your turn, Seylen-chan!"
  • "Your opponent will be...this!"
  • "Seylen, do it!"
  • "Oh my...I lost!"



  • In Otomedius, Eliza is voiced by Hitomi Nabatame, the same actress who voices Diol Twee.
  • It should be noted that in Otomedius she has a black and white photo frame of Neil on the boat on her head with two black ribbons. Speculation suggests that Neil either died when he fell, or later on, after the battle on Gokujō Parodius! but before Otomedius.
  • In the AOU 2006 version of Otomedius, R.B. Gofer commands Eliza's pet seal instead.
  • Along with Medusa, she is one of the rare female character in the franchise to be based on a mythical creature, the rest of the female characters are humans.
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