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For the Nemesis 2 boss, see Doom (Nemesis).
Not to be confused with Death.

I'm going to scare you like you've never been scared before!
I'll take you to hell with me!
~ Doom

Doom (ドゥーム Dūmu?) is the final boss in Salamander 2.


Doom is the last boss of the sixth and final stage, Doom Fortress. It is a three-headed humanoid, being a rarity among the series because, unlike most final bosses in the Gradius series, Doom actually fights back. He seems to have somehow revived the Zelos Force and a Salamander for his invasion, as seen in the game's intro.

Attack patterns

Doom fires several purple projectiles at the player and can also form and fire green energy balls. When he starts getting close to being destroyed, he makes objects fall from the top of the screen. His bullet patterns also become harder to dodge as he loses health. The bullet patterns that Doom uses are comparable to those from "bullet hell" games.


  • Due to the soundtrack calling the final boss theme "Giga's Rage", Doom's name is often mistaken for that of the boss Giga, an unrelated foe from the NES games, Life Force and Gradius II: GOFER no Yabō.
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