Donburi Fields is the third stage in Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius. The stage is a parody of the TwinBee series, featuring various elements such as WinBee, Dr. Warumon, Dr. Mardock and BaronBee, as well as featuring many music tracks from that series.


Right before the level begins, creatures riding stars will start to rain down. Bomb them for 10,000 points apiece. The higher the difficulty level, the more that will rain down!

As the level progresses, you'll encounter White Rabbits, Card Soldiers, and a castle in Alice in Wonderland's style!

Prof. Mardock and Madoka make a cameo on one of the background's clouds. There's even a Mount Rushmore-styled rock which has the faces of the Bees' pilots Pastel, Light and Mint. In the nearest corner you can even see Dr. Cinnamon's face.

Before the waterfall area, you'll see two tiny flying pigs in the background. Bomb them for 10,000 pts.

The bosses in this level are Dr. Warumon's battleship (or Dr. Mardock's, depending on the game's version), BaronBee and BoinBee.

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