Dogaltes are the bosses of Stage 5 in Gradius Galaxies.

Attack patterns

The three Dogaltes attack in tandem, which can be utterly confusing, especially when their synchronization goes off and each has a unique timing. At first, the Dogaltes will spin around, shooting rings. These shots are, however, destroyable.

Soon, they'll switch to firing a straight wave of blue bubbles, which are also destroyable; however, these shots move so fast that it's easier to stay out of their way than to try to keep fighting inside the bullet rain (unless you have at least two Options).

Finally, their final attack will commence. The top and bottom heads will fly into their respective walls, then they'll rise up and walk along the screen. While their legs are destroyable, the Dogaltes themselves cannot be damaged at this time. They'll then restart their previous attacks. However, since the Dogaltes will not be perfectly synchronized, they can get really out of step with each other, resulting in confusing maneuvers that may be more difficult to fend off against.

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