The battle was fiercer than I thought, but this is still not enough...
~ Diol Twee

Diol Twee (ジオール・トゥイー Dioru Tui?) is one of the main characters of the Otomedius series and a pilot of the Serenity Viper based on Xexex's Flintlock.


A third year student and the closest to being an adult in the cast, Diol Twee is the squadron's leader. Although firm, she has a sisterly kindness to her approach on leadership most especially Anoa and Tron. She seems to be bonded to the Flint, an organic component of her otherwise artificial Serenity Viper.

She's voiced by Hitomi Nabatame.

Initial Weaponry

Otomedius Gorgeous

  • S = Speed Up
  • D = Winder
  • M = Spread Bomb
  • L = Shadow Laser
  • O = Lock Options
  • B = D-Burst Charge
  • ? = Force Field

Otomedius Excellent

Diol Twee is an intermediate-level character. Her three Flint units are the new form of the previous Lock Options from Otomedius Gorgeous. They behave like normal options when not shooting, and lock into place when you shoot. Her Platonic Break fires out three very large flint tentacles like Xexex's Flintlock.

  • S = Speed
  • D = Winder
  • L = Search Laser (DLC Weapon = Shadow Laser)
  • M = Eagle Wind
  • O = Flint Unit
  • ? = Force Field
  • Platonic Break = Flint Charge



  • This is the first Otomedius character that her appearance is extremely erotic.
  • Diol is the first character that she has a Flint-like Tail in her Squadron form.
  • Diol's DLC BGMs are based and remixed from Xexex, like "Battle Cry", "Breeze" or "Happy Daymare".
  • Her DLC costume is a beautiful dress she inherited from her ancestors, though it resembles that of Princess Irene from Xexex.
  • Diol has a unbroken rival with Esmeralda.
  • The exclusive laser weapon that comes with this costume is none other than the return of Diol's own Shadow Laser from Otomedius Gorgeous. The weapon is just as devastating here—even at Level 1 -- and it is highly recommended. Using it will cause slowdown, which may also be of help.
  • Whereas Esmeralda had the distinction of being the broken character in Otomedius Gorgeous with skillful use of Pulse Laser in that game to almost instantly destroy bosses' cores, Diol now has this role in Otomedius Excellent thanks to the nature of her Flint units. With correct positioning of them and the right weapons in a load-out, bosses will fall very quickly. For this reason, Diol is the pilot of choice by many of the top players in the world (including those with the highest scores) as well as one of the best choices for weapon card hunting.
  • Diol's Serenity Viper resembles more a R9-A "Arrowhead" from R-Type than a Flintlock.
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