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Look Out Behind You!
~ Announcer in Gradius II (PC Engine CD)

Desert Core (デザートコア Dezāto Koa?) is a boss in the PC Engine CD version of Gradius II.


Desert Core is the boss of the extra Temple stage of the PC-Engine version of Gradius II. This boss is an interesting hybrid between Crystal Core (the tentacles), Big Core MK III (the 3 cores and the long lasers), Big Core MK I (the four laser attack), and Death (the missiles).

Attack patterns

When Desert Core first appears, it will dig its tentacles under the sand above and below where it will occasionally shoot at the player as they dig out. There are also two cores that have to be destroyed and it will shoot four lasers, similar to Big Core MK I. After the twin cores are destroyed, it will reconvert itself and reveal another core in the center and also destroy the tentacles. The four lasers are replaced with two long lasers and it will also shoot semi tracking homing missiles.


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