The Crystal Gust is the second boss in Gradius Galaxies.


Crystal Gust is a gunwall and it is the first gunwall-related boss in Gradius Galaxies, the other being Cliff Core. This boss is unique in that it cannot fire at the player, and neither can the enemies that it releases. It can only attack by utilizing part of the environment.

Attack patterns

Crystal Gusts only attack is to release Crystal slabs into the room (although, on harder loops, the barriers protecting the cores will release bullets upon death). However, it also generates crystal movers on the floors and ceiling of the room, which move the slabs and keep them flying around wildly in the middle of the room.


A simple way to defeat this boss is to take out the two Crystal Movers on the bottom left, which will cause the crystals to fly away.
An alternate way is to take out one set of barriers, get as close as possible to the cores, and just sit there. This means that the Crystal Attack cannot harm the player.
This is one of the few Gradius bosses that can be damaged before it enters the screen, another being Fortress Valis.

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