Crab (クラブ Kurabu?) is a boss in Gradius II and the final boss for Solar Assault.


Crab is the Gradius II version of Shadow Dancer. In the arcade version of Gradius II, Crab is indestructible; however, in the NES version the player can destroy it. It's also the penultimate boss in the NES version of Gradius II, while merely being an obstacle in the arcade version.

Attack patterns

Gradius II

Crab just walks around, hoping to step on you with one of its six sharp legs. The only real danger are the Duckers that constantly walk in. While it cannot be destroyed in the arcade version of Gradius II, in the NES version the player needs to shoot its body in order to kill it (it has a relatively low amount of health).

Solar Assault

In Solar Assault, it shoots lasers from its body and bullets from the legs aiming at the player. To make things worse, its health is higher than in the NES version of Gradius II. The good news is that its top legs are destroyable, so the player should destroy them before going for the core. It is recommanded to be careful when destroying the core, as it shoots a homing laser targeted at the player.


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