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~ Announcer in Salamander 2

Cerberus (ケルベロス Keruberosu?) is a boss in Salamander 2.


Cerberus is a boss in the final stage, Doom Fortress, preceding the final boss Doom. It has several lasers, and seems like it was inspired by bosses from games like Battle Bakraid or Recca.

Attack patterns

Cerberus will move back and forth, firing a traditional Gradius style laser array. While it is doing this, it will be aiming and firing shots from each of its turrets.

After taking enough damage, Cerberus will change attack pattern. First, it will fire difficult to dodge laser spins at high speeds while firing aimed shots from its turret. Then, the three parts that make it up will separate and fire a large laser cage, and aim both lasers from the outside parts and normal shots from the inside part (pictures). Finally, the boss will fire the laser swirls again, but the inside part will move back and forth firing lasers randomly. Beware, the boss will move with its laser cage, so don't get far behind.

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