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Cell Planet is the sixth stage in Gradius III exclusive to the arcade version.


This is another organic level. The Tentacles from Gradius are back, and although almost the same, they can only spawn two arms at a time. They have less health, and Type B (Spread Bomb, Tail Gun, Ripple Laser) takes advantage.

There's not much after the stage comes in, although the passageway in the middle of the stage narrows. Four Tentacles occupy it here, and Octas and Sparugs are found during the stage.

The regenerating walls from Salamander are found at the end of the stage, although different. Here, there are spaces where the Tentacles are taking it up, making a limited amount of space for you.




Description Audio
Theme of Air Battle #2 - Try to Star (Arcade)
Theme of Cell Planet - Dead End Cell
Theme of Boss theme - Dark Force.
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