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The Cat Submarine (ネコ潜水艦 Neko Sensuikan?) is the miniboss of Stage 2 in Gokujō Parodius!


The Cat Submarine is an upgraded version of the Cat Battleship from Parodius Da! This version of the Cat BattleShip has more weapons than the pirate ship, and also some new designs added to it such as a captain hat and goggles. Like the Battleship it will leave into the water on its own whether or not it is defeated, its weapons consisting of a missile launcher and cannons.

Attack patterns

The Cat Submarine will continue to fire its guns while a penguin of the crew will fire missiles at the player from behind. Once it ascends into the corner it will then fire cannons on its sides. The penguin will still fire rockets even when the cat floats away as a final attack.


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