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Captain Penguinovski the 3rd (キャプテンペンギンノフスキーIII?) is the first boss in Parodius Da!


Much like Big Penguin, he is a parody of Tutankhamon from Life Force.

Attack patterns

Captain Penguinovski will create a shield comprised of smaller penguins to protect him - these fire bullets at the player at increasing speed. After a while, the small penguins will move away from the boss and attempt to ram the player, after which the boss will summon them again. His weak point is his belly button.


Captain Penguinovski makes an appearance in the Gokuraku Parodius! slot machine. The Pikopiko Hammer and the card appear on a photo; push the "A" button three times and the card photo will appear in the bonus slot.



  • Captain Penguinovski makes a cameo appearance in Stage 2 of Gokujō Parodius! as an underwater corpse. It's unknown how it managed to return in Sexy Parodius.
  • In Sexy Parodius, Captain Penguinovski uses a penguin's squawk instead of a beep when he's hit.
  • Also in Sexy Parodius, if the player brings along Alex, he will charge forward to Captain Penguinovski, implying that it is actually a female.
  • A similarly themed pirate penguin by the name Captain Ginta appears in Yume Penguin Monogatari.
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