Bug (バグ Bagu?) is the final boss in Parodius.


The main antagonist and final boss of Parodius, and one of the few Gradius final bosses in the series who actually attack. The Dream Eater Bug, as his name implies, is a space entity who feeds on dreams. Aside from the pitiful defense offered by Jikkyō's final boss, it is the only final boss in the Parodius series who attacks. He inhabits The Fortress of Bug, a base among the flotsam of numerous asteroids.


Earthlings of the past were filled with dreams and hopes, people trusted each other, paid respect to each other, harmonized, made company, once upon a time it was a fantastic planet.

In AD 1988, middle of the school entry exam season, people were losing their dreams by global scale.

Bug devoured and corroded the dreams and hopes that Tako programmed and gave to the people. And, his appearance was always sudden. Bug is definitely behind this. Bug was approaching the Earth!


  • Japanese people believe tapirs eat human nightmares. The animal has the nickname "baku", which is almost homonym to "bug", hence the boss's name.
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