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Boss Rush is the eighth stage in Gradius III (SNES). This stage is exclusive to the SNES version.


This is the Boss Rush of the SNES version. While this Boss Rush seems similar to the arcade version included in the Mechanical Base, they were couple of changes with some bosses, Tetran is not present in the SNES version as well as the order they are fought. Some musics were also added specifically for the SNES version.




Description Audio
Theme of Boss Rush 1 - Aircraft Carrier SNES.
Theme of Boss Rush 2 - Boss on Parade II (Take Care).
Theme of Boss Rush 3 - Boss on Parade III (Crystal Core).
Theme of Boss Rush 4 - Boss on Parade IV (Big Core MK.II).
Theme of Boss Rush 5 - Boss on Parade V (Covered Core).
Theme of Boss 2 - Dark Force 2 SNES.
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