Boss rush (A.K.A: boss parade & boss alley) is a stage made only with bosses appearing first in gradius 2.

Bosses in gradius 2 AC:

Zub Rush (Panic scene of stage 2 in gradius)

Big Core MK I (boss of stages 1-5 in gradius and three as the middle bosses of stage 6 in salamander)

Golem (boss of stage 1 of salamander)

Tetran (boss of stage 2 of salamander)

Gaw (a biological version of Death)

Intruder (boss of stage 3 of salamander)

Covered Core (The true boss)

Bosses in Gradius 2 FC:

Zub Rush (panic scene of stage 2 in gradius)

Big Core MK 1 (boss of Stages 1-5 in gradius)

Golem (boss of stage 1 in life force)

Tetran (Boss of stage 2 in life force)

Zelos Force (last boss of life force in stage 6)

Covered Core (The true boss)

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