Boost Core (ブーストコア Būsuto Koa?) is the first boss in the final stage of Gradius Gaiden.


Boost core is a unique Core warship. It is special in the fact that the battle is fought while it is moving. It is fought during the "speed" part of the final level of Gradius Gaiden, and smashes through many barriers during the fight.

Attack patterns

Boost cores attack pattern is simple: It will continuously fly backwards and shoot at you. The guns it uses to shoot at you can be destroyed, however, and this will make it shoot a fair easier to dodge, star-like projectile instead. The boost core also has other ways to attack you, it's blue boost is lethal (only appearing on loop 2+) and you can destroy the back ends of it, which will fall back and can kill you. Most notably, it smashes through walls, which means you have to follow it, or you will crash. When it is destroyed, it flies forward, and explodes off-screen.


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