The Blue Thunder M-45 (ブルーサンダー45型 Burū Sandā 45-gata?) and the Red Thunder M-24 (レッドサンダー24型 Reddo Sandā 24-gata?) are the fighters piloted by the protagonists in the Thunder Cross series. The Blue Thunder is controlled by the first player while the Red Thunder is controlled by the second player.


The Thunder Cross ships obtain power-ups by destroying red interceptors and collecting the power pods within. The first is always an Option, followed by a Speed Up. The next one is a weapons pod, cycling through the main weapons. After that, options and weapons alternate until four options are obtained. The next pod cycles through the super weapons, before turning into a normal weapons pod.


  • Speed Up: One is all you need.
  • Option: You can have up to four of these.
  • Normal Cannon: Initial gun, pick this up repeatedly for super-powerful shots.
  • Vulcan Cannon: Rapid fire, but not very powerful.
  • Boomerang Shot: Bounces all around the screen.
  • Tail Laser: Fires backward and forward.

Special Weapons

  • Flame Thrower: Flaming birds, firing forward a specific distance.
  • Blast Laser: Large beams, also used by Arnval in Otomedius Excellent.
  • Napalm Blast/Mega Crush: Huge explosions.

The super weapons have limited ammo and are capable of firing through the scenery. Each of the main weapons can be powered up by collecting their pickup again.



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