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Bionic Germ is the first stage in Salamander and Life Force (referred to as the "Stomach Muscle Zone" in this game).



It is also known as the "Organic Region", and rightfully so, as the area has odd pink growth everywhere, as well as living blue growth which can be seen in the background. Arms emerge from the pink growth, and the pink growth can also elevate itself, which can hit the Vic Viper if not careful, or merge together and block his path. Eventually, the player also has to shoot through some organic wall, eventually reaching a chunk of pink growth which goes away, revealing the Brain Golem.

Life Force

In Life Force, the stage is largely left unchanged, the only difference being the background. It's changed from the blue lines to a background that morose resembles the pink growth, to give it more of a feel you're inside a giant creature.




Description Audio
Theme of Bionic Germ - Power of Anger (arcade)
Theme of boss - Poison of Snake (arcade)
Theme of Bionic Germ - Power of Anger (NES)
Theme of boss - Poison of Snake (NES)
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