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Big Core MK IV (ビッグコアMk-IV?) is the final boss of the 1st boss rush in stage 2 of Gradius V.


This one has four cores to destroy and builds upon Big Core MK III by having detachable arms that shoot.

Attack patterns

Big Core MK IV attacks in several patterns. First, the arms will detach and shoot waving energy beams. Along those beams will be giant plasma balls that will shrink if continuously shot. After those pass, smaller energy balls will travel along the beams and shoot lasers up/down or left/right depending on the configuration. During this phase, homing lasers will also be shot at you. After this phase, the arms will reattach then be released, this time shooting the beams up and down. The main pattern is the same.

In Loop 2 or higher, it will fire a steady laser stream. They restrict the player's movement, making aiming at the top and bottom cores difficult.



  • The reason why Big Core MK IV only made its debut in Gradius V and not Gradius IV is that the latter is meant to be the revival and not a sequel, thus they have no plans to make a direct successor of Big Core MK III in Gradius IV.
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