The Big Core Duo is a boss in Gradius ReBirth.


The Big Core Duo is the first and fourth boss in the game. It is a specially-modified Big Core. This Big Core starts with the same old Quad Shot attack, but then it transforms into a six-shot-firing and laser-sweeping havoc of a Core warship.

Attack patterns


At first, the boss will be a normal Big Core and attack as it always has. However, after its defeat, it will take off to the background, and change into a different form by flipping over and opening its sides. This form will first attack by firing a spread of six lasers at you a total of four times, before firing a pair of powerful, continuous lasers that will sweep the screen with its movement. From here, it will repeat the process until it is defeated.


  • In the updated version of the game, the boss music will change to "Fighter Blood", an arrangement of the Nemesis 3 boss theme, for the second form.

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