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Berial (ベリアール Beriāru?) is the sixth boss in Gradius IV.

Attack patterns

Berial attacks by firing beams from its weak point, the eye and creates option-like eyes that also fires beams. When you defeat Berial, the eye remains. It grows into Zelos Force. Zelos will fire two volleys of beams before self-destructing. Lots of Gradius players hate that especially when they've got hit a bunch of times, but a good strategy to avoid that is as soon as Zelos fires his beams push pause to see where they're going then unpause when you see them.

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  • Berial is one of the very few Organic Fortress guardians that actively move to attack the player. The only other guardian that's capable of doing this is Abadon's second form.
  • It is named after Belial (also named "Berial"), the 68th demon in Ars Goetia.
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