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Beacon (ビーコン Bīkon?) is a boss in Gradius III and Gradius V.

Attack patterns

Gradius III

The boss of Stage 7, Beacon simply moves up and down the screen and shoots four lasers and bouncing cores. In spite of the large number of cores, Beacon is perhaps the quickest boss to defeat in the entire game. It's only really a threat if the player is underpowered.

Gradius V

In this game, Beacon is the first boss of Stage 7 and has many more attacks, thus being much more difficult. Instead of shooting lasers, Beacon charges up and releases four laser streams. In addition to this, the bouncing cores are replaced by reflecting lasers that semi-aim in your direction. There's also another phase where it will shoot many bullets in a haphazard stream (two streams if only one core remains) while releasing fire bombs up and down, which trail along the ceiling/floor. These bombs will restrict your movement to the center. Its fifth and final core can only be hit after the initial frontal four have been destroyed.



  • Beacon used to hold the title for most cores on a ship (five).
  • One of Beacon's attacks from Gradius III is based on the destructible orb attack used by ZCS from Thunder Force II.
  • The bombs the Beacon drops in Gradius V is similar to Snake, one of Rynex's weapons, from Thunder Force IV.
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