Artificial Sun is the first stage in Gradius II.



After the initial flight through space, where players are encouraged to power-up, the player will then enter a cluster of burning planetoids. Here, Fire Dragons will emerge from their fiery pits and try to destroy the player, either through limiting the player to a small space, thus maximizing the chance of destruction through bullets, or by the fireballs they spew. Meanwhile, Bacterian fighters will attempt to ambush the player, using the the suns as a chokepoints.

Afterward, the player will fly through empty space, destroying a handful of Bacterian spacecrafts, before being attacking by the area boss, the Phoenix.





Description Audio
Theme of Air Battle #1 - Air 1 Tabidachi.
Theme of Artificial Sun - Burning Heat.
Theme of Boss and Final fight - Take Care.
Theme of Air Battle #1 - Air 1 Tabidachi.
Theme of Artificial Sun - Burning Heat (NES version).
Theme of Boss Fight and Enemy Base 2 - The Final Enemy.


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