Alpha & Omega (アー&ムー Ā & Mū?) are the fifth bosses in Gradius IV.

Attack patterns

They mainly summon flying white moai heads to fight for them. The white moais cannot be destroyed unless they open their mouths. The bosses themselves will also fire iron rings at you. Guess what the weakpoint is.

The white moai fly in patterns, shooting iron rings at you. For example, the moais sometimes line up, with small spaces between them, on either side of you or diagonally. Then they spread out like a circle firing iron rings at you. Spaces on the left side of the screen are covered by lasers on the right side, and vice versa. Safe spot is the very top or bottom. Another attack is 6 moai spinning around firing their lasers, while Alpha and Omega fire ion rings at you.

Watch out for the boss's death- if you get caught in the rubble you get to do it all over again.

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