Please forgive me, Queen Melody...
~ Ace in TwinBee Yahho!

Ace (エース Ēsu?) is a playable character in Sexy Parodius.

He is voiced by Hideo Ishikawa.


Ace was first introduced in TwinBee Yahho!, a later installment in the TwinBee series, where he initially appears as an antagonist who eventually becomes a support character. He flies a large, red ship called the Shooting Star, which has a charging beam laser and multi-directional firing capabilities.

Ace later reappeared as a playable character in Sexy Parodius, again piloting the Shooting Star, which is now joined by the mysterious Black Viper.


  • Wait! Ace this is the other party! - (Stage 1 Mid-Boss)
  • Oops! It overheat! - (Stage 1 Mid-Boss Defeated)
  • You can bet on my pride, it does pass through here! (Stage 4 Mid-Boss)
  • Is the strength of the rumor as. If you guys, it may be able to save this country (Stage 4 Mid-Boss Defeated)
  • Wait! The return of the harp happiness! (Dr. Warumon Get with Ace)
  • Although the instruction of the Grand Duke, please punish me that was imprisoned in a place like this.


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