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~ Announcer in Salamander 2

Abadon (アバドン Abadon?) is a boss in Salamander 2.


Abadon is the boss of stage 3, Bio Hazard, the game's second organic stage. Abadon appears to be the core of the wall, not the whole wall himself.

Attack patterns

Abadon's second form.

In his first form, Abadon only releases small (but difficult) projectiles from the holes in the background and himself. However, if some parts of him are damaged, they will start shooting lasers! In order to hit him, the player must POUND through the ENTRAILS and SHOOT ABADON! Er... Destroy the regenerating part of the boss and hit the core. After the core has been hit enough, he will detach and float after the player, while shooting several spiral patterns at different speeds. After hitting it in the eye enough, he will die and float slowly to the ground.


Every time Abadon is attacked, he makes eerie noises and loses his flesh.

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